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Smart Medical Informatics Learning and Evaluation (SMILE) Group focuses on big medical data research, using scientific approaches to bridge data and medicine. Our effort spans from brain dynamics, medical image analysis, risk factor analysis, and computational neuron morphology.

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Computational Health Informatics in the Big Data Age: A Survey Ruogu Fang*, Samira Pouyanfar*, Yimin Yang, Shu-Ching Chen, S. S. Iyengar (* indicates equal contributions) CSUR, ACM Computing Survey, Accepted.

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Recent projects

Risk Factor Analysis: BRFSS website. Members: Yao Xiao, Daniel Parra; Big Neuron Analytics: neuromorpho.org, Members: Peng Liu, Jingan Qu, Maryam Aghili; Age Prediction from MRI: MRI images. Members: Xiaozhen Jiao

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Here outlines opportunities to get involved with the SMILE Lab. The fiber of this lab’s existence rests on both undergraduate and graduate students. We are always interested in having intelligent, motivated, and responsible students join the lab.

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